Changing Faces With Skin Oasis

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What is it about the third grade that makes kids test boundaries? Well not all of us, but I can recall one particular moment in my third grade career in which my classmate Brandy stole her Mom's makeup and brought it to school to share with all her friends. Half the girls in our class [...]

Groceries On The Doorstep

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Picture if you will, that it's a snowy night in the splendid city of Columbus. You've spent most of the day watching your favorite shows on Hulu without a care in the world, and that backed up traffic on 270 is but a faint memory. You stroll thru the kitchen, lips smacking, to grab a [...]

For My Music Heads

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Close your eyes and come with me. Feel the vibration of the drums fill the room as the bass from the guitar rolls down our backs and we all sway along, some sing alone, and everyone enjoys themselves. The bartenders are slinging beers, pouring shots, and bracing themselves for the first slow song that will [...]

Heat Map! Local Groceries and Markets

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What's good fam! This unexpectedly warm winter weather has allowed the beautiful folks of Cbus to hit the streets and gallivant around without the worry of that cold fluffy stuff, and I for one couldn't be happier! Now, before you slay me for my aversion to snowflakes and open fires, your time will soon be [...]

Sipping on Luna Kombucha

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"How do we support the local community?" This is a question I never really pondered while growing up in my small town in New Mexico because every thriving business was pretty much locally owned. Big name franchises were an afterthought, with many shutting down from lack of business. My favorite food spot was and still [...]

Heat Map! Explore Local Coffee Spots

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What is it about cold days and hot coffee that is synonymous for so many of us? After dragging ourselves out of bed to prepare to face another day, there something about slowly sipping a latte while cruising on 270 in rush hour traffic while listening to Dave and Jimmy bicker at each other, that [...]

Getting My Float On: True Rest Float Spa

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"Everybody get their float on. Everybody, everybody get their float on!" This little (remixed) diddy was humming through my head as I walked into True Rest Float Spa located in Powell, Ohio.   Where did it all begin? Well in truth, I never heard of floating until a very good friend of mine [...]

Game On With Local Libations At KDB Easton

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I recently spent an evening at the newly renovated KDB Easton, and was pleasantly surprised by the local community ties that exist in the new space. It was nice to see the Buckeye colored theme walls, local crafts on tap, expansive dining menu, and games galore. Here's a quick view into KDB and what it [...]

Juiced Up With sambaFRESH

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I love a good challenge.  Growing up I never made it to the triple dog moment of any dare. Usually a few seconds after the"double dare" has been issued, I was sprinting off to tackle some innocent young boy to the ground all because my sister said "I bet you won't do it!"  As an adult [...]

Heave Ho! Move That Igloo!

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Am I the only one who can spend an hour in a card shop chuckling and smiling at the hilarious, romantic, and sometimes neurotic sayings inside the plethora of cards that fill the isles?  500 Days of Summer will have us believing that card crafters are stuck inside an office, waiting quite impatiently for the day to end [...]