Game On With Local Libations At KDB Easton

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I recently spent an evening at the newly renovated KDB Easton, and was pleasantly surprised by the local community ties that exist in the new space. It was nice to see the Buckeye colored theme walls, local crafts on tap, expansive dining menu, and games galore. Here's a quick view into KDB and what it [...]

Juiced Up With sambaFRESH

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I love a good challenge.  Growing up I never made it to the triple dog moment of any dare. Usually a few seconds after the"double dare" has been issued, I was sprinting off to tackle some innocent young boy to the ground all because my sister said "I bet you won't do it!"  As an adult [...]

Heave Ho! Move That Igloo!

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Am I the only one who can spend an hour in a card shop chuckling and smiling at the hilarious, romantic, and sometimes neurotic sayings inside the plethora of cards that fill the isles?  500 Days of Summer will have us believing that card crafters are stuck inside an office, waiting quite impatiently for the day to end [...]

From the Burbs To The City: Red Velvet Cafe

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I know that you know that I LOVE the concept of "new".  Yup, new cars, new clothes, new shoes, new books are exhilarating.  Okay, that last one is a bit of a stretch.  I mean, new books are cool, but I'm not turning up for them.  Now if it was a book that was made [...]

It Really Is Neat

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Everyone  may not know this, but there is a cool application available across all mobile device platforms that is very user friendly and will help you stay current with upcoming events, restaurant openings/closings, and business movement.  It's a well known company although it has faced some heavy criticism and accusations in the past. Why am I bringing up [...]

Exploring the Discovery District: The Bosco Center

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I am often befuddled when I hear comments like "Columbus is boring." or "Man, there is nothing to do."  I immediately think "Well I can't really say since I've never been to Columbus, Georgia." I mean, people couldn't possibly be referring to the city full of cool stuff and hidden parks in Ohio." If these [...]

Exploring Marysville: Hinkley’s

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It's January 2015, and that dear ones, can only mean one thing.  It's time for 614 Magazine's Restaurant Week!  While millions and trillions are making resolutions, vowing to put the cigs down, turn up for the gym, I'm sifting through countless (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration) pre-fixed menus, plotting and scheming on how [...]

Exploring Pickerington: Red Velvet Cafe

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Over the years my coffee palette has developed from 'a little bit of coffee with my sugar and cream' to pour-overs straight up black, no sugar please. I'm talking about that  grown folk, hair-on-chest, not for the faint of heart, this isn't a game cup of brew. I find myself constantly fascinated by the various methods [...]

Exploring Zest Juice Co.

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Quick Fact.  I love juice.  I don't mean that frozen concentrated can that needs water added.  I'm also not referring to the miraculous kind that can set on the shelf for 3 months and then the fridge for an extended period of time without ever going bad.  I'm referring to the type of juice that transforms 4 [...]