Exploring Italian Village: Fox In The Snow Cafe

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Fox in Snow Cafe - Italian Village There are a few confessions I need to make. 1.  I may have a crush on Italian Village. 2.  I'm pretty sure I'm falling for Italian Village. 3.  Fox in the Snow is one rad cafe. 4.  Definitely sure that I have a thing for Italian Village. Some of [...]

Exploring Powell: Kraft House No. 5

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It's funny how often I am in a state of flux when it comes to one of  my favorite pastimes - eating.  Why, you ask.  Well, because we all eat - it's a necessary task that must take place each and every day.  What and where we eat are critical choices we all make, and [...]

Exploring Columbus: Crafted Drafts

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I love libations as well as the next jolly fellow, but it's only been in recent years that I've dabbled with craft brews.  As a result I love having opportunities to  learn more about the brewing process and more importantly, the drinking options. I had a hankering for grapefruit beer and was getting pretty desperate as I [...]

Columbus Food Adventures: Grandview Tour

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I get downright GIDDY and more than stoked when it comes to learning about local communities and experiencing their culinary art.  It was no surprise that I would fall head over heels when I discovered Columbus Food Adventures, the ONLY food touring company in Columbus, operated by Bethia Woolf.  I remember calling my Mom when [...]

Exploring Downtown Columbus: Barley’s Ale House

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I'm a HUGE fan of Barley's.  I am confident that they could go head to head in a competition for the best wings in Columbus.  Don't believe me?  Head downtown on any given Wednesday for wing night to see what the fuss is all about.  You'll thank me later. Recently, I moseyed to the N. [...]

A New Experience: The Market Italian Village

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You made me love you The Market Italian Village!  I find myself daydreaming of  you often.  I long for another latte, crave my next charcuterie!  What have you done to me?!!  In recognition of a stellar experience, please allow me to honor the following individuals. Davey - Your big smile and welcoming gestures as I walked [...]

Exploring Downtown Columbus: Philco Diner + Bar

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As I approached the door to Philco earlier one Sunday afternoon and spotted the extremely bright green menu, I knew this was meeting of destiny. As I slowly opened the door and walked inside, my eyes were introduced to green seating, a bar with old school swivel seats, over-sized booths, metal tops, and bar stool [...]

My Obsession Part I: Columbus’ 614 Restaurant Week

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I love many things, but there are only a few things I'm completely and utterly obsessed with.  There are few events that I will gladly allow to disrupt my life, require a legal name change, climb over a mountain, swim the widest river to conquer.  614's  Restaurant Week is a MAJOR event in my life.  [...]

Exploring Columbus: B Spot

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The first time I got really excited about a Michael Symon project was when I heard he was going to collaborate with the good ole boys of Middle West Spirits to create vinegar of some sort.  The second time was when word began to spread that Michael was bringing B Spot, his burger joint, to Columbus. After reviewing my new [...]

Exploring the East Side: Gratzi Pizzeria Sports Bar

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One thing I love about publicly expressing my love of supporting local is that people willingly offer suggestions of new places to try and explore in the city. A few weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned that a new restaurant was opening in Pickerington that might be local. "Might be?" I scoffed with skepticism, [...]