Tiki In The City

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It all started when I convinced myself that biking downtown on a Sunday was a great idea.  It ended with my wanting a trike that didn't exist and making a last minute decision to check another spot off my 2014 list.  Without further ado, allow me to introduce:  Robin's First CFL Encounter:  The Grass Skirt. [...]

Oh My Oyo!

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There are many spirit choices out there. Wait, I'm talking about liquid spirits.  The kind made in a stainless steel tub in Uncle Jeff's barn after dark when the cops aren't around.  For decades, there have and continue to be debates on the best way to make your spirit.  Distilled thrice, flipped over twice with [...]

Exploring The Explorers Club

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May 7, 2014 It brings me great pleasure to formally announce that a milestone occurred tonight.  Well, maybe not a milestone, and the formal announcement might be over the top, but I'm hyped!  I checked another local spot off my 2014 list! Wait, have I explained my 2014 list yet?!  You know what?  Please remind me [...]

Old Towne East: Hot Chicken Takeover

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Somewhere deep inside, I think we all wanted Pinky to succeed.  We figured eventually one of his hairbrained schemes might actually work.  While he didn't reach his life achieving goal, I do believe we have a new contender that has a much better shot.  I ask myself now, why didn't anyone tell him to start [...]