Exploring Columbus Music: Fever Fever

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I've felt incredibly blessed this year to find myself in the company of magnificent local artists who put their entire being into every lyric, every melody, to please the crowds standing about waiting for the hook so that they can sing along. There is one band that I very recently became acquainted with, and simply put, I can't [...]

Columbus Food Adventures: Grandview Tour

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I get downright GIDDY and more than stoked when it comes to learning about local communities and experiencing their culinary art.  It was no surprise that I would fall head over heels when I discovered Columbus Food Adventures, the ONLY food touring company in Columbus, operated by Bethia Woolf.  I remember calling my Mom when [...]

Epic Memories Of The 2014 Fashion Meets Music Festival

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I've been hesitant to write about my experience at the Fashion Meets Music Festival that occurred August 29-31, 2014 in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  It has nothing yet everything to do with deciding what to say.  What do I tell the people that will "Google" FMMF 2014,  and take a chance to read my article?  Do [...]

Excitement Building For The Fashion Meets Music Festival

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It would be a lie if I didn't start by saying I'm incredibly stoked about this upcoming weekend.  So much in fact that I'm going to say that it will absolutely be one of the best weekends this summer because FMMF is arriving my friends!  It's finally time to attend the Fashion Meets Music Festival! [...]

My Obsession Part I: Columbus’ 614 Restaurant Week

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I love many things, but there are only a few things I'm completely and utterly obsessed with.  There are few events that I will gladly allow to disrupt my life, require a legal name change, climb over a mountain, swim the widest river to conquer.  614's  Restaurant Week is a MAJOR event in my life.  [...]

Exploring Columbus Music: Forest And The Evergreens

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What happens when you combine the love of music with Columbus local bands?  Well, my friends, you get a thirst quencher.  There is not a corner on High St. that doesn't contain a flyer, card, or handwritten note advertising a local band looking for major love and support. Travel with me, back to the summer [...]