Extracting For Extracts

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Hello good people! The sun is breaking free from the winter vortex and warm weather is here which means festivals, and vendor markets will be aplenty and boy oh boy how I love these! As my friends can attest I get wrapped up at each booth because I love learning about each maker's unique story. [...]

Keeping It Simple Sweetie

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OMGGGEEEEE!!!!  Y'all. I had the dopest opportunity last week that I absolutely must share with you. It was one of those being at the right place at the right time scenarios. Before I get into what happened, let me share some background. Soooo, I met this really cool guy named Mark awhile ago while he [...]

Changing Faces With Skin Oasis

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What is it about the third grade that makes kids test boundaries? Well not all of us, but I can recall one particular moment in my third grade career in which my classmate Brandy stole her Mom's makeup and brought it to school to share with all her friends. Half the girls in our class [...]

Sipping on Luna Kombucha

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"How do we support the local community?" This is a question I never really pondered while growing up in my small town in New Mexico because every thriving business was pretty much locally owned. Big name franchises were an afterthought, with many shutting down from lack of business. My favorite food spot was and still [...]

Taming The Curls with 2 Girls With Curls

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I've always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. At an earlier age I was introduced to the infamous creamy crack and endured sleepless nights with curlers stacked on my head in the hopes of Shirley Temple curls in the morning. To this day, I'm not convinced that the means justified the end because if [...]

Juiced Up With sambaFRESH

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I love a good challenge.  Growing up I never made it to the triple dog moment of any dare. Usually a few seconds after the"double dare" has been issued, I was sprinting off to tackle some innocent young boy to the ground all because my sister said "I bet you won't do it!"  As an adult [...]

It Really Is Neat

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Everyone  may not know this, but there is a cool application available across all mobile device platforms that is very user friendly and will help you stay current with upcoming events, restaurant openings/closings, and business movement.  It's a well known company although it has faced some heavy criticism and accusations in the past. Why am I bringing up [...]

Exploring Zest Juice Co.

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Quick Fact.  I love juice.  I don't mean that frozen concentrated can that needs water added.  I'm also not referring to the miraculous kind that can set on the shelf for 3 months and then the fridge for an extended period of time without ever going bad.  I'm referring to the type of juice that transforms 4 [...]

Oh My Oyo!

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There are many spirit choices out there. Wait, I'm talking about liquid spirits.  The kind made in a stainless steel tub in Uncle Jeff's barn after dark when the cops aren't around.  For decades, there have and continue to be debates on the best way to make your spirit.  Distilled thrice, flipped over twice with [...]