I have to admit that for all the years I thought about creating a blog, I never thought this would be the title of my first post.  You see for a while now, I’ve been told that I should blog. I don’t think I have any special talent or power; just a knack with finding ‘diamonds in the rough’ as they say.

Nevertheless, I thought it was just not for me. Now, I’m not trying to insinuate that I’m above blogging. It’s nothing like that.  The fact is blogging takes mad dedication and since I thrive on being consistently inconsistent, maintaining a successful blog was far off from me.

Somehow though, I find myself at 10:20 PM on a Thursday night starting this blog. I’ve convinced myself that while I may not be that consistent and my dedication can wane from time to time, I’m going all in!  All I needed was a name.   For months I’ve thought about what I would call my blog, if I could get around to it.

So I had to examine my facts.

I live in Columbus Ohio. And I love it here.  I get so much joy from finding new creative local scenes around the city. So why not have a blog about the one thing I’m always talking about – local venues, restaurants, and happenings around the great city of Columbus.  And then it hit me! That’s my brand – Columbus- Local – Love.

Sounds like a great idea right? Well I thought it was until I sent my mom a picture of the beginning of the blog and she then told me some people are going to think it’s romantic.  #epicfail


If you think reading articles about different local activities in the city or looking at pictures of delicious food created by the best chefs around town is romantic, then please join me on my new journey.

If, however, you thought this website was going to bring you one step closer to finding the love of your life in Buckeye Nation, let me formerly and officially apologize. My blog is not going to get you there.  At any rate, I hope you stick around, if not – support local anyway!