May 7, 2014

It brings me great pleasure to formally announce that a milestone occurred tonight.  Well, maybe not a milestone, and the formal announcement might be over the top, but I’m hyped!  I checked another local spot off my 2014 list! Wait, have I explained my 2014 list yet?!  You know what?  Please remind me to tell you more about my list in another post.  I digress, my apologizes.  At any rate, I’m thinking about removing my newly placed check mark because this isn’t the type of establishment you simply walk away from after one visit.  As you will soon see my friends, this is a place to explore!

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce Explorers Club, located in Merion Village on South High St.  These jazzy folks not only have a brick and mortar but they are cruising around cbus in a food truck as well.


The inside of this South High St. restaurant is very cool.  I’d say the decorum is the definition of eclectic. From abstract art to various pieces of tapestry on the wall,  there is plenty to look at.


This is Ryan.  I meet him earlier this year at another place,  and what feels like another time.  He is hands-down one of the best mix masters of libations I’ve ran across in quite sometime.  Do yourself a favor and go see this man!  Alright, now back to business.


Tonight, Explorers Club debuted their new Moroccan menu.  I received a text earlier in the day offering me a free appetizer (valued at $7) by stopping by today (or tomorrow), and never be it me to turn down an invite! The menu was quite intriguing!

I settled on the Avocado, Orange, and Grapefruit Salad. Summer officially arrived on this plate. The blend of citrus and pomegranate reduction did something to me. My taste buds leaped for joy!




Selecting the entree came next. When you want everything, this can be a struggle, and well, I wanted it all. Ryan came to my rescue and I finally ordered the Chicken Kakob. The beet salad was scrumptious and the chicken was juicy and delicious. Complimented with the avocado dip, and the pita – please child, don’t hurt ’em!

After sipping casually on my custom drink and sharing laughs with other patrons, I know this is definitely one club I’ll be exploring again and you should too! If you’re interested in receiving free alerts that can score you cool offers like I did, text 555888, and remember, all standard text message fees do apply!

Until next time, go support something local please!