There are many spirit choices out there. Wait, I’m talking about liquid spirits.  The kind made in a stainless steel tub in Uncle Jeff’s barn after dark when the cops aren’t around.  For decades, there have and continue to be debates on the best way to make your spirit.  Distilled thrice, flipped over twice with grain.   Perhaps you hoard the potatoes and ferment them long to make a desired strain.

I personally leave the science to the wonderful guys at OYO.  Yes – I’m talking about Middle West Spirits people.  Creating a spirit so divine that it pours oh so smooth, finishing with a delightful aftertaste.  What can I say,  it’s my spirit of choice.  These talented boys recently blended the techniques commonly associated with bourbon to create a smokey vodka twist. You’re stealing my heart fellas!

Drank easily on the rocks for some, I store my vodka in the freezer. I mean really,  who has time for ice – нет меня! This is absolutely the best водка to enter my household in quite some time.  Yum. Yum.