It all started when I convinced myself that biking downtown on a Sunday was a great idea.  It ended with my wanting a trike that didn’t exist and making a last minute decision to check another spot off my 2014 list.  Without further ado, allow me to introduce:  Robin’s First CFL Encounter:  The Grass Skirt.

Drink Fun Fact.  Mai Tai’s started making appearances back in the 1940’s and was created on the West Coast.  Who knew?? All these years, I was under the assumption that the tasty drink was gifted to us from the lovely state of Hawaii!  There are very key differences between the two versions.  Want to know what they are?  I certainly did, and that lead to this sexy thing being placed in front of me.


I didn’t have to wait long to hear the differences between the mainland and inland Mai Tai preparation.  In fact, I had a personal instructor! This hard working business woman set me straight and then served me up what quite possibly is the best Mai Tai this side of the Mississippi! Carmen is not only successfully juggling two thriving Columbus spots, she crafts delicious drinks while schooling patrons – well at least me – on the wonderful history of tropical adult beverages.  Ya’ll (I’m so country, I know)- it felt like I was in the Jamaica.  Please, do yourself a favor.  Do not miss another day of life without tasting this beauty.  Order one today.


After a few sips I decided to leisurely peruse the menu and ordered the Coconut Shrimp and Taco Of The Day.  It was magnificent! The shrimp was perfectly cooked and the batter added a balanced crunch.   The tacos were delectable.   The pork was so tender and the wasabi coleslaw made for an excellent compliment.  All in all, this is the way all first visits to an establishment should be.

Did I happen to mention Grass Skirt is also part of Columbus Food League? Oh, wait, you don’t know what that is? Go visit their website at and get informed!  I mean it’s a League so off-rip, it’s cool.

The next time you feel the need to unwind and get away, go visit Grass Skirt.   Ask Carmen to tell you the difference between the two Mai Tai’s while you’re at it.  Who can’t use a little tropical love in cbus?