Hey Folks!

I know I haven’t been here in a while.  Well, a couple of weeks if we want to get technical.  I could look up the exact time, but really is there a need to get that specific?  Now, if you have been waiting for my next post, I’d like to thank you because your loyalty to my blog stems deeper than my Mom’s.  What am I talking about you ask?  Well, I recently asked my Mom  what she thought about my posts. To my shock and horror, I was informed that she has only read the first one. <GASP!!!!!> If I can’t rely on the loyalty of the one that birthed me, how in the world can I have any type of confidence that random strangers will want, neigh, crave the words I pen together and weave into a masterpiece of satire and irrelevant relevant information?!

I immediately had bloggers remorse.

Now you may be thinking “Why,  this child is nothing but a Mama’s Girl!”  Well folks, you might be right about that.  I’d like to blame her for the reason I’ve not blogged.  That I was so crippled by the realization that my own MOTHER couldn’t take 2 minutes to read my four, yes 4 posts, then what was the point?  Why take time out of my day to write about the goings-on of my city when my own Mama doesn’t have a dog in this fight?  What valid reason do I have to bled unto this digital paper the inner secrets of my heart to only appear as a single dot amongst thousands, lost to the gentle wind that blows dust away?

And then I remembered.

I didn’t start this blog for her.  And as much as I’d like for people to read my blog, I didnt’ start it for that reason either.  I started this blog because I love my city.  I started this blog because I like to – no – I LOVE
adventures, new beginnings, creative thinking.  I have this blog to feel alive, to inspire myself to keep moving, keep thinking, keep breathing, keep seeking.

I can’t promise you an entry every week.  I will promise you pictures, random ramblings, and the opportunity to join me as I travel around my city, showing my love to everything local…. with a few distractions in between.