One thing I love about publicly expressing my love of supporting local is that people willingly offer suggestions of new places to try and explore in the city. A few weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned that a new restaurant was opening in Pickerington that might be local. “Might be?” I scoffed with skepticism, “challenge accepted.”


Today felt like as good a day as any to venture to 256 and find this new spot on Blacklick Eastern Road to check out the haps.  Upon entry, I was greeted with big smiles and
quickly ushered to a seat.  While this would normally please me greatly, today I really wanted to leisurely walk to my table and take it all in because well, what I saw was pretty sweet.


The location stands out in being quite unique with a blend of wood, stone, and brick through the bar and seating area.  Equipped with a spacious patio that houses a modern mirrored fire pit, Gratzi will be able to entertain patrons outside into the fall, and welcome us to the great outdoors in the early spring.

Let’s move on to the good stuff!  The food.  I didn’t have time to take a long lunch break so my order had to be something quick.  I went with the “Choose 2” option of soup and pizza.  It was a simple order that was simply delicious.  Real bacon bits with chunks of potatoes in a cream sauce.  Chives and shredded cheese was sprinkled on top and it was pipping hot.  The pizza crust was lightly coated in a garlic butter and the crust had a nice crunch to it.  #yum


If it weren’t for the gigantic television sets spread throughout the building, one would believe they entered an upscale restaurant. But wait, why can’t they?  Who says that sport bars must be grungy with dirt and grit all over the place?  Why does there have to be something grimy and overly manly about it?  When I watch sports at my friends house, this isn’t the vibe I get.  As I walked about and took in the ambiance, the fireplace, bookshelf design, beautiful wood grain tables and low lights, I knew I found my “new spot” on the east side.  Congratulations Gratzi, you got me.


With hours unique for this side of Columbus, Gratzi is open until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday and midnight all other nights.  There are daily specials that start after 9p.m. and live music a couple of nights a week.  You know I’m getting excited right?!

Do yourself a favor and add this to your must visit list.  While you’re there please show some #cbuslocallove

Click Here For Gratzi Pizzeria’s Website.