What happens when you combine the love of music with Columbus local bands?  Well, my friends, you get a thirst quencher.  There is not a corner on High St. that doesn’t contain a flyer, card, or handwritten note advertising a local band looking for major love and support.

Travel with me, back to the summer of 2013.  I was at the Park Street Festival (food trucks!) when I noticed this drummer going BUCK WILD on his set!  I was so enthralled by his movement that I came to an immediate stop and watched this musical artist at work.  I was then pulled into a rapturous moment as a melodious voice perked my ears, followed by the sexiest sounds to ever come from a saxophone.  Moments later the air was ripped into by the strumming of the guitar.  Ya’ll, I was hooked to band that didn’t have a name.  Well, I mean, they had a name, but I didn’t know it, even though I desperately wanted to –  aye – needed to know what title could accurately describe all this talent.


With each break between songs, I eagerly anticipated the band name announcement.  Where was this name proclamation I craved of the band that in one song captured my heart??!  Sadly, tragically, regrettably, I never heard it.  Looking back, I’m sure at some point the name of the band was announced.  I mean, I was at a festival.  I’m convinced that I was so caught up in the musical poetry that surrounded me, I simply didn’t comprehend the name when spoken. As all great sets must come to an end, the band walked off the stage, and I walked away, floating on a cloud of musical bliss, wondering if I’d ever see, but most importantly, hear this fantastic band again.

Let’s fast forward to the Columbus Commons Food Truck Festival.  Once again lured to an outdoor event featuring food trucks galore, I found myself downtown with a group of my friends, sitting on lawn chairs, eating food stuffs and listening to bands.  Randomers were singing on stage, providing wonderful background noise.  A band takes the stage that looks somewhat familiar to me, but I’m not sure why.  They being their sound check and I venture to another part of the festival, to enjoy a carefree ADHD moment.

As I journey back to my seat, I hear the beginnings of “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo.  I remember thinking “Who has the nerve to sing this song?!”  I mean, it’s D’Angelo people!  You can’t be some chump amateur singing a cut from one of R&B’s most soulful and not come correct.  You already knows where this ends right?  With my mouth agape, and head whipped around,  I look for the vocal owner of what I can only describe as the perfect blend of raspy and sexy.  IT’S THAT BAND.  THE BAND. THE VOICE. THE SAX. THE DRUMMER.  THE SINGER. THE GUITARISTS.  Freaking Frake?!!  Who are they?!!!  Folks, we will get our happily ever after this time.  Finally, FINALLY I am formally introduced to Forest And The Evergreens!!!

They are the object of my current  musical obsession that’s not an obsession that’s definitely an obsession.  It’s one thing to write a song.  It’s another thing to go into the studio and manipulate sound equipment to produce a rhythm people will enjoy.  It’s an entirely different process to take real instruments and unique people, throw them into a room and create art.  That’s what these guys do and it’s such a beautiful thing.  On June 6, 2014,  Forest And The Evergreens released their first EP Young Funk.  It’s magical, beautiful, and, well as it appropriately named, funky.


I could go on and on about Forest And The Evergreens.  Forgive me for not introducing you to every band member right now.  In due time, I will my friends because they are an awesome bunch to get acquainted with.  I love how incredibly humble every member is and it’s so easy to converse and share thoughts with a group so dedicated to their craft.

I’ll never forget the day the day I came face to face with these guys. As I look back, I should’ve known it was fate – Forest And The Evergreens. 🙂

Searching for details on their next event?  Follow them on FB – Forest And The Evergreens.
Their website has a direct link to order the album, digital style, and other fun items.  Go support them please!