The first time I got really excited about a Michael Symon project was when I heard he was going to collaborate with the good ole boys of Middle West Spirits to create vinegar of some sort.  The second time was when word began to spread that Michael was bringing B Spot, his burger joint, to Columbus.

After reviewing my new favorite source for local opinion, Yelp Columbus, I decide to wander over to B Spot, located on N. Hamilton Rd, in the Chestnut Hills shopping area, to see what all the fuss was about.


The decor of the building is cool.  I love the garage doors that allow an open window concept for warm days.  Being able to sit inside but gaze outside has many bonuses.  On the flip side (no bun – pun – intended), I’m also forced to deal with the outside elements because the building isn’t that large.  Equipped with a single men and women’s bathroom, B Spot doesn’t seem capable of handling more than 60 – 70 patrons at a time comfortably.

The menu features several signature burgers, the ability to create your own, along with non burger items and salads for you rabbit eaters out there.  The milkshake selections are very creative and with the option to add a shot, parent and children alike with leap for joy when ordering one of these frozen delights.

I was really impressed with the amount of local beers on the drink menu, although disappointed that no local liquors joined the list.  Perhaps this is something than can be tweaked in the future.

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes – or should I say fries- of my experience.

  1. It’s grossly over priced. Seriously, a burger and side of onion rings STARTS at $14. That’s ridiculous for the size of the burger. Add a drink and you’ve spent $20 for a burger meal.
  2. The burger – was good. Really good. Just not $10 delicious when I don’t get a side.
  3. Sides are extra. Come on Mike! $4 for bland hard non crispy fries? No thanks. The onion rings however were fantastic. At $7 a basket, we enjoyed them but if I came alone I would never order this side.
  4. Major typo on the menu. The kids menu has 2 sliders listed but you only bring out one? Not acceptable, especially when your staff treats patrons like they are lying when they question the order. Trash these menus and get new ones ASAP or get out the black marker.
  5. The service staff is overall quite weak. The managers need too stay on then and make they are on the floor and not in the back or huddled together talking.
  6. The milkshake was good but not think enough. Great flavor combinations.
  7. Don’t serve beer in warm glasses. Ever.
  8. Lauren, one of the managers is awesome. Open, honest, taking full responsibility when a job isn’t done as well as it should’ve been. Her engagement with my group is why this review is 3 stars.
  9. The decor is pretty sweet and the open seating options is a definite plus.
  10. Please put a coat hook on the women’s restroom door.



My visit to B Spot started off great, and quickly went downhill.  With a forgetful server who couldn’t remember our requests and at some points, that we were her table, it seemed as though the employees believed it was okay to provide poor service if the owner was famous.  After dealing with a huge typo on the menu that impacted a person in my group, and 2 snarky servers, I was pleasantly surprised when the manager, Lauren came to the table.  She was incredibly pleasant, extremely apologetic, and took 100% responsibility for what occurred.  Another employee, Talisia, took the iniative to help my group out as much as possible when she observed a few bumps in the road, which was greatly appreciated.

All in all, my first experience was, well, complicated.  The Happy Hour options are intriguing with $1 fries and $3 drafts,  so I’m sure to make an appearance again.

Until next time, go support something local!