As I approached the door to Philco earlier one Sunday afternoon and spotted the extremely bright green menu, I knew this was meeting of destiny. As I slowly opened the door and walked inside, my eyes were introduced to green seating, a bar with old school swivel seats, over-sized booths, metal tops, and bar stool seats at the window. Radical.

Armed with my fellow Yelpers comments in mind, I’m prepared for this to go one of two ways, with me receiving help or being ignored. Within seconds, I was given a friendly greeting and told I could sit at the bar. Why thank you kindly ma’am!


After getting situated, I wanted to further take in my surroundings. The decor is very nice, and considering Philco isn’t that big, they did well with the space, not sacrificing design and seats to create something modern and comfortable.

I decided to start my Sunday meal off right with a mimosa. I know a previous reviewer mentioned this being a downgrade. I’m no connoisseur of champagne, but my mimosa was rather tasty and quite refreshing. It definitely helped me to forgot the gloomy, overcast weather a few feet behind me.

It was a bit of a chore selecting my entree, as is custom, during a first visit to a restaurant. Let’s be real here though, this can happen during a 5th visit when there is an alluring menu involved.


I dared to be different and ordered something I haven’t before, and selected the steak and eggs. Yes, I’m just as surprised as you that I haven’t had this old school combination for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. Sadly I still can’t check it off my list. After a considerable wait for my meal, the steak was overcooked, the eggs weren’t cooked to my specifications, and I began to wonder if I would add to the not so great reviews about Philco. This was truly that critical moment in every out-to-eat experience where we decide how we are going to tip, rate, and tell EVERYBODY how we are treated.

Folks I’m happy to report my server Cristin was very astute and immediately knew something was amiss. I had taken a second bite of my steak and she was there asking me “what was wrong.” Not, is something wrong, but I KNOW something is wrong, please tell me. I was slightly hesitant to list of the things that went wrong, but it would be against what I stand for, who I am, to not provide honest feedback on how horribly wrong my first steak and eggs meal was going. I took in a deep breath and let Cristin know that my meal really wasn’t that great.

Cristin immediately apologized for the issues and without hesitation helped me order something else and rushed the order in the kitchen. This time I went with the biscuits and gravy with two hard fried eggs. Ya’ll this gravy was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! Absolutely the best I’ve ever had. Regrettably the kitchen didn’t get my egg request correct, which is why I am rating the experience 4 stars.

All in all, I enjoyed my first visit to Philco and hope those that have had sub par experiences recently give these folks around chance to earn your business.