You made me love you The Market Italian Village!  I find myself daydreaming of  you often.  I long for another latte, crave my next charcuterie!  What have you done to me?!!  In recognition of a stellar experience, please allow me to honor the following individuals.

Davey – Your big smile and welcoming gestures as I walked through the door took my excitement from 8 to 11.  You could’ve let me walk around aimlessly, struggling to locate the fine wine but NO!  You offered me a tour of this fantastic new market and stayed by my side until I became distracted by the awesome espresso machine.  Even then you came back for me. <single tear>


Speaking of the only bean I’m eager to see cut, I couldn’t type another word without thanking Jordan for whipping me up not one, but two delicious Market Lattes.  I was never a believer of love at first sight but I’ve been daydreaming of my next cup since my first sip.


Coffee’s not the only thing worth sipping at this swanky joint.  With a full bar and 20 beers on tap, I must give gratis to my new old chap that delighted my taste buds with grapefruit beer and a new side of Belgium that isn’t just chocolate.  My biggest regret dear sir is that I can’t recall your name.  But I will find you… and update this post.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the talent and skill of Chef Julian.  His control of the knife might just be second to none.  With a palate that even Ramsey can’t mess with, Julian is laying out plates similar to Picasso and paints.

I am forever indebted to Brooke and Andrew whose positive vibes and accommodating attitude created the type of chill environment one can only hope to write home about.

Lastly, I recognize must all the customers that came in before me and passed up on the caramel rolls that were on display.  Seriously – thank you all so much for skipping  over some of the best baked sweet rolls I’ve ever had in my life.  My heart is overwhelmed because of the joy your oversight brought me.

Want to check out my new #cbuscrush?  The Market Italian Villiage has a Facebook and Instagram page and are working on their new website,  Why not hop in the car and drive over to 1022 Summit St and have a peek at The Market?  There is a parking lot adjacent to The Market with a spot just for you.  You’ll thank me later.