I’m a HUGE fan of Barley’s.  I am confident that they could go head to head in a competition for the best wings in Columbus.  Don’t believe me?  Head downtown on any given Wednesday for wing night to see what the fuss is all about.  You’ll thank me later.

Recently, I moseyed to the N. High location for a private event and was thrilled at the thought of quenching my thirst with a tall glass of Blood Thirst Wheat.  When  I arrived and asked for my party I was very surprised to be informed that everyone was in the basement.  “The basement?” I wondered, “why in the world would a swanky party be booked in the basement of a building?”  I would soon find out that not all basements are created equally.

Welcome my friends, to the Underground, Barley’s Speakeasy.


Full of character and history, the Speakeasy used to the be the main street that patrons would enter and exit all buildings from.  It was several years later that the idea was developed to make the street “higher.”  High St. was appropriately named and built on top of the level you see pictured below.


What a fantastic experience this was!  Erin was our Speakeasy guide and is such a doll!  Please stop by and give her some love the next time you venture into Barley’s.  Robert was also more than accommodating and let us hang  out a little bit longer than what the rest of the working crew probably would’ve liked.  And for that, we thank you!


Want to know more about Barley’s?  Sign up for the Columbus Brew Adventures and take a guided tour of some of the best breweries in the city!   Their website Barleys Brewing is pretty cool too.

Columbus Brew Adventures

Until next time, support something local.  It’ll put hair on your chest.


*Correction to orginial post title made 8/26/14.  The photo and story is for Barley’s (Ale House).  The (former) Barley’s Smokehouse is in Grandview and now known as Smokehouse Brewing.  Thanks to Jim @cbusbrewadventures for the catch!