I’ve been hesitant to write about my experience at the Fashion Meets Music Festival that occurred August 29-31, 2014 in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  It has nothing yet everything to do with deciding what to say.  What do I tell the people that will “Google” FMMF 2014,  and take a chance to read my article?  Do I keep it fun and factual, perhaps with a newcasterly overtone, providing high level summarizes of the stellar performances, incredible fashion, and overall love the city received and provided all weekend long?   I could definitely accomplish that task as I was in attendance each and every day.  Is that really what I want to do though?  I mean, do I have to define the premise of my blog and if so, do I want this to be the slant?  This my friends, is where the inner conflict began and will soon end.

I feel like with every word I type, I am required to define what THIS is, who I currently am, and that I positively know where I’m going.  Perhaps this is a personal requirement I’ve declared on myself that has no barring outside this screen and keyboard.  I mean there are no fast, hard, and written rules on how to do this – at least none that I care to uphold.  So with that said, I hope you were at the festival and enjoyed it as much as me.  If not, please go purchase a 2015 calendar right now and mark September 4-6, 2015 as booked  Now let’s talk about what a great experience FMMF was and why this was one of the best weekends of my life.

I never dreamed I would one day be armed, quite literally, with press access to an event that packed so much punch!  I couldn’t possibly invent a situation that would not just allow, but proactively ask me to interview bands and fashion designers with such various and unique backgrounds.  I fell in love with each and everyone of them, in awe at their creativity, tenacity to succeed and love of their craft.  FMMF provided me 3 days of unlimited access into a world I’ve often wondered about but never quite took the time to investigate.  FMMF opened up ideas and doors for me that I didn’t know were closed with keys I’m so happy to create.  I encountered so many amazing people that I still stop and take a deep breath of how incredible the entire weekend was for me.  Then to conclude the event with an  outstanding performance by Forest And the Evegreens at The Big Bang cinched this as the weekend to beat all weekends for Summer 2014.

If you missed this year’s event, I hope to see you all there in 2015.  In the meantime, I will be adding an audio section to the blog that contains a new segment I started at FMMF that I plan to continue around the city called “Insta-Interview.”  The concept is to record my one-on-one experiences with different locals and visitors to our city and post abbreviated and abridged information during the interview on Instagram that came up during the session in a Q&A format.  I received great feedback from several I was privileged to interview during FMMF on the style although some of the interviews went a bit long.  I take full responsibility.


For those who began to read this article anticipating specific FMMF feedback first, thank you, secondly- it was amazing, awesome, intense, out of this world spectacular, and ridiculously fantastic.  Seriously.  The area was easy to access from the highways.  There was convenient parking everywhere at reasonable prices.  The event maps were spot-on to the actual setup.  It was evident that the organizers took great pride in their event in how well they managed inclement weather on the last day.  Rather than cancelling FMMF because of the rain, they came up with the ultimate Plan B to keep the party going!  Who doesn’t love ride or die festy creators?!  I certainly do.