I get downright GIDDY and more than stoked when it comes to learning about local communities and experiencing their culinary art.  It was no surprise that I would fall head over heels when I discovered Columbus Food Adventures, the ONLY food touring company in Columbus, operated by Bethia Woolf.  I remember calling my Mom when I first found the site and reading the different food tour options to her because I was so happy to find an experience this unique available in the city!  I consider it nothing short of a privilege that I was given the opportunity to attend the very first Grandview tour!*

Now let’s get to the good stuff.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my experience of the first ever Grandview Food Tour by Columbus Food Adventures!!!!

To say the Grandview Food Tour was amazing would be a vast understatement. Learning the history of this beautiful, culturally rich suburb was delightful. Grandview is such a supportive community and is accurately named – A Grand View. The history behind the name and so much more are all explained during the Columbus Food Adventures Tour!

Need more dets?  To sign up for the Grandview Tour please visit their website at Columbus Food Adventures – Grandview Tour.


*Please Note*  I was provided a complimentary tour.