I love libations as well as the next jolly fellow, but it’s only been in recent years that I’ve dabbled with craft brews.  As a result I love having opportunities to  learn more about the brewing process and more importantly, the drinking options.

I had a hankering for grapefruit beer and was getting pretty desperate as I couldn’t seem to find a bottle in the city.  The gift of social media led me to Crafted Drafts on a Sunday afternoon after confirming, #1 they are indeed open and #2, grapefruit beer was in stock!

Crafted Drafts is conveniently located on N. Hamilton Road in the Gahanna/N.E. Columbus area with several other shops/eateries.  If you’ve been on this side of city lately  you know that it’s jammed packed with local businesses, franchises, and everything else in between.  You really have to keep an eye out for it or you’ll miss this hopped out spot that’s located in one of several strips on Hamilton Road.


The inside is sweet to me!  I love how clean and organized the entire store is.  And the options!  There are SOOOO many options!   I was able to hopnob (see what I did there) with Dan during my visit and he really helped me make some solid beer decisions.  I’m quite positive if it wasn’t for Dan’s expertise I would’ve been very overwhelmed.  He was able to give me the background on several breweries, offer recommendations on what I should try, and he told me about tastings that will be held in the future.  BONUS!



I don’t believe Columbus has another venue that has so many beer options, single bottles at that.  I absolutely love being able to pick and choose my bottle. There is really something for everyone.  If you have a palate for the sour, sweet, hoppy, or neat, if chocolate moves you while the wheat soothes you, Crafted Drafts is the place you want to be!

Until next time, go support something local. I’ll be out there with you.