It’s funny how often I am in a state of flux when it comes to one of  my favorite pastimes – eating.  Why, you ask.  Well, because we all eat – it’s a necessary task that must take place each and every day.  What and where we eat are critical choices we all make, and for me, it’s more than a big deal, especially when I dine out.  There are literally hundreds of options in the great city of Columbus, and neighboring suburbs.  I’m ever so gratetful to the great folks at Yelp!  for inventing the snazzy bookmark option within the smart phone application that keeps all the yummy places I want to experience neatly organized for me.

Haha, oh yeah this isn’t about how I organize, plot, and plan my next restaurant selection.  This is about my first experience at Kraft House No. 5.  I have to start by shouting out Chef Marcus Meacham and his charismatic team.  I was able to spend a little time in the kitchen and these fellas cracked me up!

Now on to my first experience at one of Powell’s premier and newest hot spots – Kraft House. No. 5.


First, the decorum is a mix of rustic and upscale dining, and the menu pricing certainly matches the feel. Please mosey on to the kitchen with me.  I recently read an article in local Columbus magazine, Crave, about space limitations in some of Columbus’ favorite kitchens.  I’d say that Kraft House No. 5 will be placed on the larger side of this list.

The kitchen is very organized and tidy.  Each cook understands their role and executes with a harmony that even a symphony conductor would appreciate.

For my entree, I ordered the Shrimp and Grits.  Ironically when I was taking the pictures, I had no idea this was my order, but was stoked when the dish walked out and to my table with me!


Ya’ll, it was M-AZING!!!  The shrimp was well seasoned with a touch of something cajun that gave it a nice little kick.  The sauce was smooth and full of chunks of bacon that added to the flavor.  The grits were also very good, and the sauce gave it life!  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it again!


I found all the servers to be pleasant.  The hostess was very sweet to me and quickly explained the sitting arrangement.  When I asked  to sit at a table near the bar she took me there straightaway, never commenting on the fact that I was a solo diner taking up a 4 table top, and I really appreciated that.  All in all, I had a really nice first experience.  The only downside, and it’s really more about the area in general, is that parking isn’t plentiful near the restaurant.  This might be by design in the suburb but something to consider when you stop by for a visit.

Stay classy folks!