Fox in Snow Cafe – Italian Village

There are a few confessions I need to make.

1.  I may have a crush on Italian Village.
2.  I’m pretty sure I’m falling for Italian Village.
3.  Fox in the Snow is one rad cafe.
4.  Definitely sure that I have a thing for Italian Village.

Some of you lovely folks may be rolling your eyes, wondering why I’m droning on about Italian Village.  Well, I, unlike your cool hippie self, have been sleeping on Italian Village. It’s hard to admit that this area of the city has not been on my radar.  In truth, I’m pretty sure I was unaware of the existence of Italian Village prior to 2014.  With all that said, I’m so glad to have found you; feel blessed to have meet you, and am quite sure I can’t live without you.

Now, ya’ll know I could keep going, BUT I can’t forget what this post is all about.  Fox In The Snow Cafe!  This sweet spot opened it’s doors to the great folks of 614 just days ago, and baby, it’s fly like a fox.  My first experience was absolutely delightful.  Let’s see how Jeff Excell and Lauren Culley were able to turn a square into a hip cafe.



It was a icy cold day in February that the gang stepped into a space that resembled anything but a cafe.  The world didn’t know about their master plan and powerful dream.  Nothing, and I mean nothing would stop them.


Months went by and many knew, that something cool would soon take root.

Let’s fast forward to a cold day in October, when the paint had dried, and the hammer surrendered.  Gone was the dust and instead replaced, by cool surroundings and an old record player.





As I sat at the table and looked all around, I felt so comfortable, so content.  The vibe was chill, the music was calming and the coffee was amazing.  As I gazed outside I couldn’t help thinking, “I really dig this.”  I know you’ll dig it too, and hope you can visit the fine folks of Fox in the Snow soon.  Oh yeah, and I suggest you get there early.  The baked goods have a tendency to sell out fast.

Who loves local?!  #cbuslocallove