I’ve felt incredibly blessed this year to find myself in the company of magnificent local artists who put their entire being into every lyric, every melody, to please the crowds standing about waiting for the hook so that they can sing along.

There is one band that I very recently became acquainted with, and simply put, I can’t get enough.  Their lyrics slam into my heart and fill my soul.  The instruments used are so incredibly unique that I can only call what they do artistry in motion.  I’m feeling hot ya’ll – can someone get me a thermometer because I’m so into Fever Fever!

Local band Fever Fever recently threw a swanky party at Skully’s for the release of their latest album Aftermath.   Starting in November, they will begin their first West Coast Tour which includes a quick stop in Mexico!  While the world gets to know Fever Fever, I’d like to share my thoughts on a few tracks that I absolutely love.

Sea Meets Earth

When the beat dropped, my hips immediately starting swaying side to side.  As the lyrics surrounded me, I felt myself take a journey into another place, another time.  To the beginning of my innocence when my heart’s position was on my sleeve.  Back then I refused to take a chance on love and opted to build a fortress so lethal that there was no escape; there was no entry.  As the song entered the second verse and I moved forward to a time full of heartbreaks and torn dreams.  I pondered on the possibility that we all reach a pivotal part of  life, where we  throw our inhibitions to the side and find ourselves caring about someone more than we could imagine.
As the song neared it’s end, I took a deep breath, imagined the waves crashing into earth, and then hit repeat.


Remember that one time you met someone and it was as if you had known each other forever?! It’s seems impossible that two strangers could experience so much chemistry together.  Well you better hold on tight because this is your life!  In fact, you should probably just hold on by your fingertips. The insatiable hunger to be with that person, to enjoy every breath of life with them can’t be quenched.  Yeah, that’s where this song takes me.

Clouds Catch Fire

This is the first song I ever heard by the talented men of Fever Fever.  After receiving an email from the fabulous folks at Big Picture Media to interview the group for the Fashion Meets Music Festival, I figured I should research the band with such an interesting name that I knew nothing about.  I sat,  mesmerized, by a youtube video that was recorded on a mountain in the Catskills, using instruments they found laying about.  To learn that they were so moved by the beauty of their surroundings that they found it necessary to pay homage to the occasion with music –  what can top that?

Interested in finding out more about Fever Fever?  Of course you are!  Their website is http://www.feverfeverband.com/.

Ready to see them play live?  Don’t fret my Columbus pets!  Fever Fever might be out West right now but they will be playing a gig at Rumba Cafe on December 12, 2014 as well! Check, check, check ’em out!

Until next time, jam out to some cool local sounds.