Alright, ya’ll I have a confession.  I used to be a die hard Black Friday(BF) shopper.  I’ve been known to stay up 3 days straight, hitting the streets with a full fledged BF crew, to take the stores by storm.  I’ve literally had a wait list of folks that wanted to roll with me on BF if for nothing more than the experience and thrill of the rumored madness that only Black Friday can ensue.

I will always love the camaraderie that exists between fellow shoppers and the random, one-night-only friendships that spark over the isles.  The sharing of crazy stories and experiences of the past that are only understood and cherished by those brave souls who yearly,  take on the crazed shopping masses.  We all knew the moment the doors opened, we would flood the store to grab our $5 crockpots and $10 sheet sets.  Game on!

As the days drew near for BF 2014, I couldn’t shake a new truth.  The thought of getting ready for BF didn’t sit well with me;  it didn’t feel right anymore.  Knowing that on Wednesday I would need to hit the ground running until Saturday usually sounded like fun.  Instead the notion felt more like insanity.

So in 2014 I decided to flip the script!  Out with the old and in with the new!.  This year I partook of a shopping event that had me humming!  My friends, I showed up to show out on November 29, 2014 for Small Business Saturday – CBUS Style!


I had such an enjoyable time in the Short North.  There is such a great selection of shops in this area!




The message below is one that resonates with me.  I’ve spent the last several months, thoroughly enjoying Columbus, the city I’ve come to love.  I can’t wait to find more of the unknown, rough diamonds, and random places in the 614.  There’s so many things we can do each day, why not support local too!



There is a tremendous amount of love in the city.  Come get some! #cbuslocallove