Quick Fact.  I love juice.  I don’t mean that frozen concentrated can that needs water added.  I’m also not referring to the miraculous kind that can set on the shelf for 3 months and then the fridge for an extended period of time without ever going bad.  I’m referring to the type of juice that transforms 4 to 5 pounds of produce into a 16 oz bottle.  Like a Mission Impossible assignment, the juice must be consumed in 72 hours or it will self destruct.  This is real juice my friends and it certainly does a body good to sip this delicious nectar multiple times a day.

My personal caveat to real, fresh juice is that the prep and creation takes a considerable amount of time. In a world full of GO-GO-GO, having the time to make juice at home for the busy professional is almost impossible. It’s great to live in  city where there are juice bars nearby that can fulfill this need.  In Columbus, we are currently experiencing a surge in juice bars and I was pretty jazzed to get a sneak peek at the most recent opening, Zest Juice Co. in one of my favorite places to explore,  Grandview.



Here’s some really cool facts about Zest Juice Co.

  • They will offer vegan sweetener and protein options!  Veggie people unite!
  • This is the first local juice bar that lists the ingredients AND nutritional information on the label!
  • They are actively working to source all produce locally.  Ohio farmers they are looking for you!
  • They have a living wall! Yes people!  There is going to be a portion of a wall with self sustainable plant life.  Snazzy right?
  • Need something a bit heartier than juice?  Try one of their smoothies that are waiting for your personal remix!  There will also be salads, granola (soon to be made in house) and other delights available for purchase.
  • There is a tv on the wall folks, and it’s just for motivational programs.  Buckeyes baby!





Would you like more information on the cleanse program offered by Zest Juice Co?  How about the nutritional content of their juice?  All that and more is available here.

Sip Up Columbus!