It’s January 2015, and that dear ones, can only mean one thing.  It’s time for 614 Magazine’s Restaurant Week!  While millions and trillions are making resolutions, vowing to put the cigs down, turn up for the gym, I’m sifting through countless (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration) pre-fixed menus, plotting and scheming on how I can maximize my schedule to descend upon as many local hot spots as possible in one glorious week of local foodery indulgence.

This year I decided to do something unprecedented, unheard of.  In fact, it was downright scandalous.  Yes, yes, I, Robin, lover of all things Columbus, ventured out of the city limits for Restaurant Week!  Not only did I fly the nest, I took a few down with me.  I figure the best way to rebel is certainly not alone.  Join me please as I recount my wonderfully majestic evening at Hinkley’s, in Marysville, Ohio – Columbus’ little cousin.

There are many things to admire once stepping into the now historical, once brothel house turned modern-style.  Yeah, I said brothel!  Who knew there was tons of risque behavior popping off in Marysville back in the day!


Hinkley’s ties in the history of the location in virtually every room, with an artistic twist and charm that pulls each guest in.  Before you know it, it’ll feel like being at home.



Now, I know you, that you know, I didn’t go there to simply admire a fascinating building, with an awesome story.  I came to eat!  Without further ado…. it’s food picture time!! (cue music)



Hinkley’s – you had me at hello!  This was absolutely one of the best culinary experiences of my life.  Now maybe that means I should get out more, or maybe you need to head on over to Marysville and let Hinkley’s prove me right.

Jaunt to their website for more information!

Life is too short to just eat anything.