I am often befuddled when I hear comments like “Columbus is boring.” or “Man, there is nothing to do.”  I immediately think “Well I can’t really say since I’ve never been to Columbus, Georgia.” I mean, people couldn’t possibly be referring to the city full of cool stuff and hidden parks in Ohio.”

If these type of wild and high-temperature inducing thoughts have ever crossed your mind, I challenge you sir, to a duel.  A duel of bowling.  With brunch -because we’re going to get tired from the dueling.  I usually like my brunch with a mimosa.  Perhaps you fancy a Bloody Mary.  Well you old rake, I have just the place for us – the Bosco Cafe.  SAY WHAT? SAY WHERE?  Yeah, you heard me right the Bosco Cafe will be the perfect place for such an occasion. Haven’t been there, you say?  Great news!  I have and would love to show you around. Follow me please for a brief look into this 62,000 sq. foot building nestled next to Grant hospital in the Discovery District – The Bosco Center.


If you’re still #mindblown that the Bosco Cafe sits inside 62,000 sq. ft, I reassure that this is a safe place and you’re not alone.  I too was taken aback by the enormity of this historical building.  – Side Note  – I swear I’m not a history buff but the amount of old buildings I’ve been in lately seem to be on the rise. – Alright, now back to Bosco Center and all that space.  The current owners have several plans for the historical building, that includes a heavy focus on supporting the local community.



The fifth floor is a men’s residence hall.  The fourth floor is currently under renovation, but would be a perfect hostel!


We haven’t even talked about the daycare center that is being worked on, salsa dancing every Thursday, or the amazing rooftop space that is perfect for garden sharing.  To add to the hustle and bustle of the building, starting January 25, 2015, The Bosco Cafe are hosting <wait for it> Brunch and Bowl, every Sunday!


The next time you find yourself craving an urban adventure,  gallivant  to the Bosco Center, located at  80 S. 6th Street where there is so much to explore!  Give their website a quick gander while you’re at it.