As I drove into my garage this weekend, I glanced at the dormant grass and was reminded of a Tiger Lilly I planted a few years ago.  It was my first attempt at planting anything. I’m a desert grown girl so preservation of vegetation really isn’t my forte.  Neither is staying active in the winter in the Midwest.  Usually I run for the nearest cover and pillow, sip on a winter inspired cocktail and only move to adjust the heat and change the channel.
This year though, things have been different.  Despite the hawking wind the pierces my soul and lack of sun, I’m still out enjoying the city!  After a few days of hibernation I find myself cruising the Internet to see what events are scheduled.  For the first time in my almost 13 years of living here, I’m not completely distraught by the absence of the sun and overbearing presence of below freezing temperatures.  I have conquered winter Columbus, and I couldn’t have done it without you!


Vegas may be the city that never sleeps, but Columbus isn’t taking any breaks.  What are you doing to combat the icky winter shuffle?  Please feel free to comment below!


Never be the average bear.