Everyone  may not know this, but there is a cool application available across all mobile device platforms that is very user friendly and will help you stay current with upcoming events, restaurant openings/closings, and business movement.  It’s a well known company although it has faced some heavy criticism and accusations in the past. Why am I bringing up some random app? What’s the point of droning on about a random company?  I assure you, I’m not getting compensated for this.  I just think it’s time to give them some some local love!

You want me to spit it out and say who I’m referring to don’t you?  Move on and get to the point of it all?  Alright, fine.  I’m talking about Yelp!  Now before you get all in your chest and tell me there is nothing local about Yelp, let me point out a few things (it’s going to be more than a few) about Yelp that make it a rad app (and website) to have available at your fingertips.

  1. Yelp’s entire existence is based upon the support of locals to review businesses. Fa realz.
  2. Yelp provides all members the unique opportunity to become “Elite” which opens up the door to explore the local community further with a unique group of community loving people such as yourself.
  3. Within the Yelp app is a community forum that allows users to ask questions about the city, offer advice, and other anecdotal discussions. Most who interact in the Talk group are from the local community.
  4. Columbus has a Yelp Community Manager (CM) whose only will in life is to keep the local community engaged and together.  PS – The Columbus Yelp CM is an absolute doll face.  PSS – Who knew Yelp even had employees?!
  5. Did I mention Columbus has the best CM ever?  His name is Bryant Miller.  He is the smoothest part of sun kissed tea, I’m telling you!  A delight to be around, and extremely resourceful.
  6. Yelp consistently hosts events throughout the city and the majority of them occur in locally owned establishments. *While many events are hosted for the Elite group, there are several open events for all Yelp members.
  7. There is a calendar full of cool things to do around the city.  Many of the activities listed are free or very inexpensive.  Bonus – anyone can add an event to the calendar!
  8. There is a Bookmark feature.  For those of us who don’t keep pen and paper on us but hear a radio commercial about a cool place and need to write it down, or receive a recommendation from a friend about a cool place to visit, this feature is like gold!
  9. In 2015 the Columbus Yelp Community has committed to exploring the city together by scheduling monthly meet-ups at different establishments.

I hope I’ve been able to peak your curiosity about Yelp and that you give it a try.  It’s  my go-to resource for many things and interacting with the Yelp community is always a good time.  If you use Yelp! please let me know in the comments what’s your favorite feature of the site/application.

Want more info?!  Please click here.