I know that you know that I LOVE the concept of “new”.  Yup, new cars, new clothes, new shoes, new books are exhilarating.  Okay, that last one is a bit of a stretch.  I mean, new books are cool, but I’m not turning up for them.  Now if it was a book that was made into a movie, chances are I will go to the movie. We could even go together unless you’re one of those “the book was better.  the movie was horrible.  I can’t believe how much they diverted from the book!” people because you and I can’t relate.  I mean, we might vibe on other topics but I didn’t read the book so… I really have nothing to contribute to the conversation. Okay, okay – back to loving new things.  Not too long ago we talked about an adorb place tucked in Pickerington called Red Velvet Cafe.  At that time we were aware that a second location would soon open.  I have great news! That grand open time is NOW!


I’ve already tagged the downtown location as the cool hipster big sister while the Pickerington location is the lovable nerdy brother.  You’ll love each location but they are uniquely different, while being raised from the same cloth.  I was given permission to mosey around the new location which means – it’s picture time!!



One unique twist to Red Velvet Cafe will be the delicacies  available for fellow patrons to purchase.  Gone are the days of simply ordering a bagel with your coffee.  Pannis, breakfast sandwiches, bubble tea and made-from-scratch cupcakes with fill the counter space along with unique coffee makers rarely on display at most cafes.

Need help figuring out how to ditch work to visit Columbus’ latest cafe?  I can’t help with that, but you can find more business details here.