Am I the only one who can spend an hour in a card shop chuckling and smiling at the hilarious, romantic, and sometimes neurotic sayings inside the plethora of cards that fill the isles?  500 Days of Summer will have us believing that card crafters are stuck inside an office, waiting quite impatiently for the day to end and happy hour to begin.   When an opportunity came for me to sneak instead the mysterious world of card making, I jumped at the chance to sleuth around.


I was privileged to explore the inside of Igloo Letterpress, a local business offering crafting card services, and so much more. Located in Worthington at 39 West New England Ave, Igloo also has a Kickstarter underway!

My favorite part of the night was putting together my very own creation for the press!


“Look ma, no hands!” is what I felt like screaming after I finished rolling out my design on that gigantic machine!  The gals of Igloo stayed by my side and helped me work the machine like a pro roller.  They’re the best.

Igloo offers a positive presence in the community and has an overwhelming need to expand their creative workspace.  Joining the Kickstarter is a wonderful opportunity to explore your inner Van Gogh while helping them move that Igloo!

Want more information?!  I can help with that.  Click here to view their website and to help move the Igloo, click here.