365 days. 8760 hours.

We’ve explored food stuffs, artists, concerts of all sorts, festivals, along with many lazy day escapades.

Reflecting upon my first year as a blogger feels strange.  Over the last 365 days I have found myself often overcome with a feeling that I can only describe as the best daydream come alive. I’ve been adopted into a city full of amazing, creative, passionate people who aren’t afraid to share their dream with those around them. We’ve talked, danced, and ate our way around a city full or life, joy, and love.

This is a post I’ve started many times, to only erase everything because I want this to be more than right, it has to be perfect. I’ve typed thoughts, special expressions to only hold the delete button down and start over again. It’s been a challenge to determine the tone I want to convey in my blogiversary post. I’ve debated on the length, content, and most importantly, how to acknowledge the multitudes I want – no need – to express my heartfelt gratitude towards for the tremendous support that’s been given to me. An additional struggle – figuring out what memories to share – as I’ve been blessed with incredible moments experienced around the city that have shaped my heart.


Fortunately, I was able to team up with one and only Taylor Corbett  to create something special for my one year anniversary.  Her company, Inkwell & Co, offers extensive handwriting and stationery services, perfect for every occasion, including blogiversaries! Eternally grateful I am that Taylor was able to understand my needs and create a piece that was able to do what I couldn’t – wrap up 365 days.  I’m excited to announce that we also have a giveaway taking place on Instagram  right now too!

You might be wondering when I’m going to get around to sharing a story of one of my adventures in the city.  Perhaps now would be the time to list my favorite restaurants, bands or things I plan to explore for the next 365 days.  Well, I tell you, I thought about it and came to one conclusion.

I’m not doing it! We have so much more to explore and shenanigans to uncover!  Come on Columbus, let’s get out there and find new local businesses that are sure to pop up on corners, take over farmer’s market, and appear at our favorite festivals.  The fun has really just begun.  Thank you for joining the adventure that is CBUS Local Love.

I’ll see you around the city…promise.