I realize some of you might be thinking:  “Did this child say it’s her anniversary?  Wasn’t the last post about her anniversary? Like, literally the last post was about her blogging for a year and it’s her anniversary again? She is tripping!” I promise this isn’t a Ground Hog Day ruse.

13 years ago in the month of May, I jumped behind the wheel of my white 2000 Chevy Malibu, with the limo dark tint, that sat on fake spinners while etched out in chrome, and journeyed to the Midwest. The years since then have been filled with trials and struggles, yet coupled with a tremendous amount of joy. Memory lane is cool but I much rather press forward than look behind. I decided the best way to celebrate my 13th year of living in my favorite city was to experience a month of firsts.  The results were…well, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

My May Month of First





What an epic journey! I’m still in a bit of shock of it all really. Being open to new adventures, getting a little uncomfortable at times, and putting forth effort can bring about marvelous opportunities and incredible moments!

Before we part, I must pay homage to a special event I attended in May – the Drink Up Columbus Anniversary Party. It wasn’t my first time being in attendance, but it’s paramount to mention the event that was a springboard of sorts of what we share together right now, this blog. I met an incredible lady that day with an impeccable memory that welcomed me into her party, her world and never questioned if I belonged. Thank you Ms. Cheryl Harrison for being you, and congratulations on another successful year!

Let’s get out and support something local.