I’m sure it will come as no shock to anyone that I’m in love with the culinary scene in Columbus. Our options range from gourmet morsels served from a food truck to artistic spots tucked into the very best corners of the city. One of my favorite savory adventures includes the all-mighty multi-course meal.

I recently spent the evening at The Commissary, indulging in my very first seven course extravaganza. Our culinary master was Chef Bill Glover who composed a symphony of plates set to melodious tunes. Words can’t describe how ecstatic I was to attend an event that blended my greatest loves – music and locally sourced food. Since words escape me, I’ll let the pictures speak to the experience.




What a night! I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out Adam Smith, the DJ for the event. ¬†Adam is one cool cat that has his finger on the pulse of the local music scene. He laid out smooth beats all night long that enhanced the memories of this wonderful occasion.