I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. At an earlier age I was introduced to the infamous creamy crack and endured sleepless nights with curlers stacked on my head in the hopes of Shirley Temple curls in the morning. To this day, I’m not convinced that the means justified the end because if the wind blew over 5.7 MPH, my hairstyle was THREW!

As an adult I made the decision in 2009 to separate from relaxers and began my journey toward hair free of heavy chemicals.  6 years later I don’t regret my decision but must confess i wasn’t prepared to deal with the different hair challenges that exist for my au naturel friends.


I’m of the opinion that hair type has little to do with hair woes – the struggle is real for each and everyone of us.  Not a gal out there hasn’t dealt with the terror of a bad hair day. This fact lead me on a torturous hair product adventure, purchasing cream after cream, trying desperately to find something, ANYTHING, that would tame these curls.

From coconut oil to home-made flax seed concoctions, the desperation for a product line I could easily purchase that would allow me to rock a wash ‘n go, or two strand twist without needed 9 different bottles was more than necessary. It was critical for my sanity. This quest for hair righteousness lead me to Erin and Leigh-Ann, the owners of 2 Girls With Curls. In what can only be described as the awesomeness of Columbus, I was given the opportunity to use their products on my hair.* The experience I had with 2 Girls With Curls(2GWC) products can only be described as life changing. For real, no jiving.

By personal request, I went into this experiment with minimal knowledge of the product line, and basic understanding of which product to use with a particular style. Why did I throw all caution to the wind? Everyone desires versatile hair products that produce fabulous results regardless if the lotion was used instead of the leave in conditioner.  If it requires a masters degree in science and 39 steps for me to get the desired hair result; no thank you ma’am. I want products that are easy to use and produce incredible results. 2GWC doesn’t disappoint in this requirement; if anything the line delivers powerful results and so more. Here’s my boogie breakdown of 2GWC:

Shampoo:  It smells divine! A wonderful aroma to put a smile on my face as I prepare to brace my mighty fro. My hair feels squeaky clean after every rinse – literally.

Conditioner:  Many times I used this as a leave-in; especially on days when I
needed to skip some steps because I was running late. It adds a nice silkiness every time.

Lotion:  I adore this lotion.  Like Frank’s Hot Sauce, I put this on everything! Regardless if my hair was straight or curly, the lotion is my go-to product. From twist-outs to touch-ups and an occasional ashy elbow, this is my crank!

Cream:  When I first opened the cream, I was immediately impressed with the texture.  It feels like whipped cream, and coupled with the smell it was hard to resist the temptation to taste it – don’t judge me!! (I did resist although with all the natural ingredients I don’t know how long that statement will hold true).


Join me in the curly revolution! Check out 2 Girls With Curls site for more information on their product line full of natural ingredients. Bonus – sample sizes are also available! You can find these curly ladies at local markets around the city and – wait for it – at Whole Foods!

Let’s pop some curls and support local.


*products were provided at no charge.