Once upon a cold fall day, I was feeling restless in the city. My spidey sense was tingling and I knew that something amazing was going to take place by the end of the day. A new food truck had hit the streets and I was eager to try it out, but because of my schedule, I hadn’t been able to visit. Suddenly, with no warning, a cloud shifted to the left, the sun came out and WHAM! – my schedule cleared. It was at that moment I knew what had to be done. I had a mission that required accomplishing: find Herb’n Food Truck.


Since that fated trip, I’ve enjoyed tasty morsels crafted by the owner of Herb’n Food Truck, Taylor, on several occasions. Meeting Taylor is not a moment one can forget. You’ll be immediately drawn into his passion for food, and if he slows down enough, you’ll be able to stare into his dreamy eyes and watch as they light up when he talks about his mission to serve the absolute best quality food he can get his hands on.┬áTaylor’s philosophy regarding what we put into our bodies is consistent. ┬áHis passion resonates with every ingredient, every plate. His desire to bring awareness to the harmful effects of hormones in foods is powerful. His mission is to change the way we view food and how we nourish ourselves.

Recently Taylor and his family announced the opening of Herb’n Cafe, at 1252 Hill Rd N. in Pickerington, Ohio. I had the pleasure of visiting during opening week and sample a few things in the kitchen. Ya’ll know what’s next right? PICTURES!!




Driven and inspired by his intuitive desire to heal, help, and nourish, the menu at Herb’n Cafe will not disappoint. You’ll blown away by the complex taste and the stunning appearance of every dish. The location opens at 7:30 each day, with shorter hours on Sunday to serve breakfast and lunch. As is common with many locally owned restaurants, Herb’n Cafe is closed on Monday. Click here to check out their Facebook page.

Until next time, let’s keep it local!