One aspect of blogging I cherish the most is the opportunity to share my world with others. A dear friend recently said “it’s a wonderful chance for those who can’t get out to live vicariously through you.” Comments like this soar straight to my heart as I embrace this sense of duty to share the camera of my life with others that care to take a peek inside.

It’s no secret that I love gabbing about new and exciting things on the horizon – with an old school throwback every now and again! I do have a confession: nothing bothers me like going a month without connecting with you here. I love posting pictures on Instagram¬†and Tweeting about different happenings, but on this page I become a storyteller.

This isn’t just about putting words on paper. It is here that I use words as a canvas to paint my picture, as letters become my brush and I select the appropriate colors, hoping to create a masterpiece. I crave the ability to connect with you, share with you, as we explore this amazing city together.

While life has a way of coming at us all fast, I will never tire of this city. I cherish every experience, adventure, mishap, and friend I make in and out the 270 loop. You inspire me to dig more and explore further. I just want to convey that message to you. Again. I may go away for a little while, but I am here, gazing at a blank canvas ready to fill it with color.

Don’t stop believing, and never stop supporting local!

See you guys around the city!