What is it about cold days and hot coffee that is synonymous for so many of us? After dragging ourselves out of bed to prepare to face another day, there something about slowly sipping a latte while cruising on 270 in rush hour traffic while listening to Dave and Jimmy bicker at each other, that makes everything alright.

I was chatting with some friends recently and we began to wax poetry, debating on what “good” coffee means. This of course led to a riveting discussion regarding beans, roasting, and milk. The moral of the story: while you can patronage big box franchises for your brew, the city is brimming full of options to quench your thirst. Curious as to where the cool local coffee spots are located? I got you covered! It is with much excitement that I introduce to you, the CBUS Coffee Spot Heat Map!

Simply click a marker on the map below to receive all the deets you need for that particular coffee shop.  Need inspiration to get started? Check out this cool site on local Columbus coffee options. 

Happy coffee hopping!