“How do we support the local community?” This is a question I never really pondered while growing up in my small town in New Mexico because every thriving business was pretty much locally owned. Big name franchises were an afterthought, with many shutting down from lack of business. My favorite food spot was and still is owned by good friends. You see, eating at a chain restaurant was simply not the norm. Fast forward several years to my move to Columbus, and wow, what a difference! Franchise food locations seemed to be stacked on every corner and crowded my ability to easily identify locally owned and operated establishments. Turn the dial again several years to 2015, and the city has shown me that there is in fact a plethora of local businesses eagerly awaiting patronage, and their product quality often surpasses that of big box companies and chains.

As you all know, I’m a sucker for new things and recently I discovered a wonderful drink called kombucha. Different online sites claim the origin of this fermented drink to be China or Russia. Either way it’s my jam! I love the combination of tangy and bubbly on my tongue and in my tummy. Kombucha serves up a long list of health benefits (none confirmed by the FDA) and is full of natural probiotics. Imagine my hype level when I discovered I could satisfy my kombucha cravings and support a local business all at the same time?!!!

Have you met my friend…. LUNA KOMBUCHA!


Boasting a lineup of 11 flavors and a growler option, the imagination behind Luna bursts forth in options such as Tefnut Guava Jasmine and  Blueberry Lavender. Another interesting note about this wonderful brand is that they also refer to their product as tea beer. Why you may ask? Well, the short answer is to make kombucha there is a short fermentation process. While there seems to always be an off/on again conversation about the alleged trace alcohol levels amounts in traditional kombucha, Luna breaks the mold by crafting two options – a tea beer with an ABV of 5%, along with their traditional kombucha offerings.

Luna’s Artemis Cranberry tea beer is a wonderful blend of berries with a champagne -like finish on the tongue that ends with a tickle to the palette. Each sip contains a tangy zip that compliments the full balance of the drink. I can’t get enough of it!


Ready to pick up your 4-pack and a little UMMPH to your drink game?! You won’t have far to drive. Check out the location map at Luna’s website to find the nearest location to stock up on this tasty drink!

If you get a hankering for a new outfit, delicious meal, gift basket, or a drink your friends have never heard of, check into what our local business community can offer. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Until next time, try something new and make it local!


*Artemis Cranberry was provided by Luna Kombucha.