Picture if you will, that it’s a snowy night in the splendid city of Columbus. You’ve spent most of the day watching your favorite shows on Hulu without a care in the world, and that backed up traffic on 270 is but a faint memory. You stroll thru the kitchen, lips smacking, to grab a quick snack between Scandal and HTGAWM. As you approach the refrigerator you eagerly anticipate the light inside beckoning you to let it shine. As you swing the door open the reality of a weekend snowed in smacks you in the face – you’re out of food, and out of time!

Soooo…perhaps the situation isn’t this serious, but what if I told you that you can get fresh, organic, local groceries delivered to your doorstep? You know, for those days you just don’t feel like leaving the house.

Would it tickle your fancy to have until 10p.m. the night prior to your delivery date to make changes to your cart? You could be like me and just never want to step foot inside a grocery store if at all possible, but don’t have time to review your food options by 6p  because you won’t be off the clock until 5:30p and reviewing a grocery list isn’t as important as the last 30 minutes of happy hour.

Would you do backflips to discover the company focuses on providing organic food products as well as partnering with as many local businesses as possible? Well my dear friends your wait is over! Allow me to introduce you to Door To Door Organics-Ohio!


While Door To Door Organics didn’t begin their journey in Columbus, they have roots firmly planted in the great state of Ohio (see what I did there). Green Field and Mother Earth are two farms you can expect to receive local produce from when you place an order. From kombucha to turkey, you will discover local businesses that have partnered with Door  To Door Organics  (DTD) to bring the outstanding Ohio produce and products to your front door! The best part – DTD will soon have a spot located in the city which will equal more partnerships with local businesses!

DTD does more than leave great tasting produce at your front door. Their website also provides amazing recipes to inspire the Bobby Flay in all of us.