What is it about the third grade that makes kids test boundaries? Well not all of us, but I can recall one particular moment in my third grade career in which my classmate Brandy stole her Mom’s makeup and brought it to school to share with all her friends. Half the girls in our class looked like Bobo The Clown and our teacher Mrs. White wasn’t having it!

She marched all the girls to the restroom and made us clean our faces. I remember she came up to me and said “Now Robin, I told all you girls to clean the make-up off your face. You’re no exception.” Of course I was quick to respond “I did wash my face! Besides, I don’t wear makeup and I wouldn’t put her crappy stuff on my face.” Mrs. White wasn’t a fan of backtalk and marched me right back to the sink, tried to clean my face herself.

My tiger like instincts kicked in and I began to scream bloody murder when that brown paper towel touched my face! Fast forward to a walk to the Principal’s office and my Grammy telling those fools to never touch her baby again and normalcy returned. Moral of the story – my skin was so nice and smooth, even Mrs. White thought I had on make-up!

Today I find myself experiencing the breakouts I was blessed to never deal with as a kid, and I gotta tell ya, it sucks. I never got into the make-up scene so I usually just swoop my hair low and to the side to cover my forehead shame. I have tried remedy after remedy with no relief or significant improvement. Little did I know that one day, my life would dramatically change, answers would be given, help would arrive. I would receive my Skin Oasis!

Tucked away in one of the friendliest cities to visit is a fantastic source for skin relief and relaxation, Skin Oasis.  Talking with Molly is like spending time with a skin therapist. Her technical knowledge is rather impressive as well as her ability to use layman’s terms to help skin care newbies understand their skin and treatment options. Molly has the uncanny ability to provide a spa experience with a strong clinical skin care focus.


During my time with Molly I underwent a dermaplane session along with a mini chemical peel that I’ve been deadly against for no other reason than it was something unfamiliar to me. She was able to answer all of my questions and clear up (ha,ha) common misconceptions on why breakouts occur, what causes black spots, and more importantly how to improve my skin texture and appearance.

After a morning of skin confessions, blades, and soft music, there was only one thing to do. Begin a 30 day skin care challenge with Molly!

I’ll be back soon to talk about my home experience with Skin Oasis products! Interested in finding out the best skin routine for you? Contact Molly here.

Until next time, wear SPF and support local!