Columbus! It’s been 712 days – well give or take a day or two. That’s how long we’ve been doing this thing that we do together. I’m still surprised by all that spunk and adorableness you never seem to lose. Baby, you’re an original. Perfectly imperfect in every way. I’ve been swept off my feet and my heart has a ransom price I don’t want paid.

You’re my favorite date. Somehow you coordinate the best festivals, concerts, symphonies, and one-of-a-kind shows. I will never tire of your energy. Foodie clicks and suburban waterfalls decorate your busy streets. Starving artists hunger for your attention, while rising chefs eager to impress you, flaunt themselves shamelessly. With you, everything seems possible.

For 17, 520 hours I’ve journeyed through your streets, alleyways, and bridges. I’ve meet fellow explorers, and wildly cheered them on from the sidelines. We unite together as the the underdogs of the Midwest. The best kind of people with unicorn dreams. Where a 23 year-old can build a mobile restaurant mecca, the nerdy kid in the corner with no friends becomes a social media master, and the so-called oddballs and misfits run amuck in fabulous organized chaos. We call you home, and together, we are in invincible.

Thank you for giving me 104 weeks of adventure. I appreciate you so very much. You are the second beat of my heart, the pep in my step, the locally made almond butter to my red dye 40-free jelly. I just want to thank you, every part of you, for sharing in my journey, and making this country girl so comfy in this beautiful city.

Let’s go support something local. <3