It’s July in the city which means we are halfway through summer! “But Robin,” you say, “summer officially started a couple of week ago. Surely we aren’t at the halfway mark.” Well, as factual as that statement may sound, if you blink twice and yawn for more than five seconds in the great state of O-H – WHAM – summer will be gone, the coat is back on, and the trees stand naked. It’s that real.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love our seasons, but summer has a special place in my heart. The feel of the summer kissing my hair along with a nice gentle breeze sends me into a state of euphoria. Add an endless amount of super cool haps and I’m a kid in a red dye-free candy store! This leads me to our topic of conversation for our current gathering – Columbus Commons.

Here’s what I love about the Commons. It’s centrally located within the city. That means when we all leave our humble abodes from different direction, we will arrive at our destination around the same time. Parking options are aplenty. There are several local eateries at and around the park. It’s pretty. The summer event list at the Commons is STACKED!

Did You Know that the Commons:

What if I told you that there is no charge to attend ANY of these activities?!! You heard me right. It’s absolutely free to attend the events I listed and there are many more. If money is tight, the Commons will do you right!*

We have so much to do and so little summer left! Need a little help with outdoor prep?! Watch out for my Columbus Commons Giveaway that will start soon on Instagram!

*Please note that there is no cost to enter the event; but there are costs for associated vendors on site.