Looking for some adventurous retail experiences while out and about the city? Flea markets provide a super cool, jazzy, modern-day treasure hunt for those passing time or setting up camp in the capital city! Whether you’re a collector of fine antiques or you just want to see explore a different side of Columbus culture, there’s guaranteed to be an adventure waiting for all flea-goers. Need some help deciding which one you should visit to spend those hard earn dollars? Don’t worry, I got your back with this quick list of 5 must visit Columbus Flea Markets!

1. Columbus Flea

Looking for hip artwork, handcrafted jewelry, and a party-like atmosphere? Swing by the Columbus Flea, which is a seasonal market hosting its next event on October 2nd. The event runs from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday, and it’s free for shoppers to attend since it’s hosted by Seventh Son Brewing . Part of the proceeds  from the vendor’s fees are donated to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

2. Westland Flea

This flea market located near the Hollywood Casino combines indoor and outdoor stores with a focus on wholesale and used merchandise sales. From home electronics to prom dresses, pocket knives, and musical instruments, you can find products to use personally or to resell. The market runs all weekend almost every weekend of the year, from 10 am to 7 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s free to shop, and the Westland Flea Market has plenty of free parking as well. Bring the entire family to enjoy snacks at the concession stand and food vendors too.

3. South Drive In

The flea market events held at the South Drive In have been a part of Columbus tradition since the late 1970s. Families have been using the lot spaces to hold garage sales and fundraisers for decades. You’re charged $1 as an entry fee if you walk up to the entrance, but if you park inside the drive­in itself, you’ll pay just $1 per car. Carpool with friends and family to make the most of your trip. The sales are held every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, beginning at the pre­dawn hour of 5 am and running until 1 pm.

4. Salvaged Treasures

Combining many of the finer things in life, the Salvaged Treasures Marketplace specializes in shabby chic, artisanal, and upcycled home accessories to brighten up your decor. Aside from decorative items, you can also sample some of the finest farm fresh foods thanks to food trucks stocking ingredients from local producers in the Columbus area. Each market is carefully curated to make sure only the best vintage, hand crafted, and artistic products are offered to buyers. There’s a $7 admission fee for adults, but children under 12 are invited to attend for free. The events are held seasonally, with the fall market taking place on October 22 and 23 and a sneak peek available on the 21.

5. Guiding Light Flea Market

The Guiding Light market stands out for being one of the only gatherings to run year round in Columbus. Come rain, snow, or sunshine, vendors and shoppers meet every Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. There’s a little bit of everything at this flea market, from wholesale suppliers to families emptying out storage units and garages. Admission is free and the enclosed building offers comfort for events during heat waves or cold snaps.

What’s your favorite place to flea? Let me know in the comments below and for bonus points add it to this cool flea market directory.

Now let’s hustle and go support something local! I’ll see you in the city!<3


*Special shout out to Katie Dillman for her contribution to this post!