I can clearly recall the day I was chatting with my sci-fi friends as they raved on and on about FireFly, a new show that was “all that.” Sad to say but at that time I didn’t listen to them, and much to their chagrin the show was cancelled after one season.

Fast forward several years and I found myself once again in conversations regarding FireFly. This time the reference was to a new restaurant on the scene in New Albany, Ohio. Determined not to make the same mistake twice, I cruised over to this pretty Columbus suburb to see what the noise was all about.

Many people might be familiar with the location of FireFly as it was home to local Italian restaurant, Rosa and Rocco, for many years. FireFly pays homage to the prior owners by retaining some of their favorite dishes while adding many of their own.

Aside from amazingly delicious food, the restaurant has a private party room -and it’s gorgeous! Generously seating 65, this special area also has a projector with a 10 foot screen!

I was privileged to spend a little bit of time with the family during my visit. Jason, the owner and decider of all meats served, even prepared something special for the occasion.

I’m thrilled that New Albany has another locally-owned restaurant to support. Did I mention yet that FireFly is extremely kid friendly? In fact, this happening bistro has a night dedicated to little ones! Swing by on Tuesday for movie night where popcorn flows and kids can eat for as low as $3!

And if you’re wondering I did eventually watch FireFly the show, and it was glorious.
I’ll see you around the city soon. <3