The year was 2000. My busted up Dodge Neon was on it’s last legs of life, crawling down the street at a steady 7MPH. I yanked the steering wheel to the right with all my might, sheer determination and fear driving me, to get the car into the Hamilton Big Ford Country parking lot. 7 hours later, I rolled off the lot, feeling like a million bucks in a brand new (to me) Chevy Malibu – y’all couldn’t tell me nothing!

There are time in life that we will find a need to upgrade our current situation. Perhaps we are rocking a pair of sneakers with a hole on the bottom and that we need to left go. It could be that fly jacket we bought in 2007 that we can’t zip up anymore and is missing the hood. These items have sentimental value but over time have lost their usability, requiring us to acquire something new.  Now we all know change isn’t always easy but the results of it can be downright fabulous!

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve made a recent change. In fact, you’re staring right at it! CBUS Local Love has found a new attitude and platform with the help of the extremely patient, and talented folks at Margante Studios. Now don’t get me wrong my old site wasn’t busted, but the mobile experience wasn’t exactly what I wanted for you, and I was at a loss on the best way to create a design that is mobile and desktop friendly with style! Margante Studios came to my rescue and delivered me from an antiquated interface and web design! Spoiler Alert – the article page automatically rotates through the most recent articles! EEEKKK!

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