I’m a creature of habit. I love shopping at Costco and I’m on first name basis with the FedEx drivers because of all my Amazon Prime purchases. I also love exploring the city {shocker} and checking out neighborhoods I’m not quite familiar with. My most recent adventure took me to the corner of Summit and Chittenden where a stranger jumped a fence for me. Let me start at the beginning…

It’s always a shock to those that know me, but I get lost pretty fast when I’m in and near downtown. The one way streets wreak havoc on my dyslexia and I can get turned around, upside down pretty fast. When I heard that there was a new restaurant boasting to have some of the BEST smoked meats the city ever tasted, there was no doubt in my mind I would be there. After a quick look at their super swanky website, I called up the homies, made plans for what would be an unforgettable girl’s night and ventured to our first stop of the evening,  Rooks Tavern.

Being directionally challenged in a downtown full of one-way streets creates two situations for me. I’m either 5 minutes from a heart attack or 7 minutes into a driving adventure on a regular basis. My journey to Summit provided my doctor additional support that I should take one Bayer a day. Now if you’ve been to this area on a Saturday night you know that parking is treacherous. This was definitely the case during my trip to downtown’s little cousin. After circling the block several times, I decided to pull over and strategize.

I had to find parking or we needed to eat somewhere else. I immediately headed to Yelp for assistance and wasn’t disappointed.  A fellow Yelper left a tip that parking was free across the street in the Hometeam Properties lot. Score! I had driven by a gated lot with a HUGE sign displaying these exact words right across the street from where I needed to be. I pulled up to the gate and it began to open. Eureka! Hello prime parking destination.  I quickly whipped my whip into a spot, jumped out and started looking for the exit door of the lot. FOUND IT! As the security door slammed shut behind me and I gazed at the numeric lock, one thought ran through my mind “why does this feel too good to be true?”

It was time to experience Rooks Tavern – YAY! — but my growing paranoia told me that something wasn’t right about the parking situation. I was promptly greeted and immediately asked the host, Lorenzo, if he knew the combination to the locked gate so that I could get back to my car.  He smiled at me tenderly and uttered the sweetest words: “ma’am I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I took a deep breathe and explained the situation to him and that I parked in the gated parking lot across the street. His smile was replaced with worry and he scurried off to find the manager because “something didn’t add up.” I went outside again to survey the gated area and two things dawned on me.  (1) There were several cop cars in the same lot.  (2) I was parked in a lot with several cop cars. After a few minutes the manager, Shay, approached me with fantastic news – I parked in the wrong place. Niiiice.

The good news is my paranoia vanished. The bad news is that it was replaced with trepidation and anxiety. How was I going to get my car out of that lot?!! Shay and Lorenzo walked with me across the street so we could access the situation and figure out a solution. After I determined that yelling wasn’t going to open the door or move that gate an inch, Lorenzo had a great idea: jump the fence. I stared at him in shock because I can’t jump a pint of Jeni’s Ice Cream let alone this 10 ft. iron fence glaring at me. To my utter disbelief and complete respect, Lorenzo without hesitation leaped onto a partial wall and jumped the gate. Within seconds he had the security door open and I was rescuing my car from what could’ve been an awful(er) situation. Could these folks be any kinder?

It was time for drinks.

After all the excitement it was hard to concentrate on too much else and the night was just beginning! After exploring the menu and settling on a little bit of bourbon to soothe the nerves, it was time for the second stop of the night – Newport Music Hall.

Oh Forest & The Evergreens, how I adore thee.


I’ll never forget the night the groovy folks at Rooks Tavern saved me from potential disaster. Also, there is an OPEN lot on the other side of the building that is available for Rooks Tavern patron. Park there please. Avoid that gated lot at costs and jumps.


I’ll see you guys around the city soon. Until then, buy something local for someone you love. <3