One of my favorite surprises of being adult Robin is the variation in my music interests. I’ve bid a ton farewell to the time of me yelling “MAKE EM SAY UHHH, NUH NAH NAH NAH” while cruising down Main St on Saturday night. These days, I’m quite content to listen to Bach while looping 270 during rush hour traffic. I find exquisite delight sipping a glass of red wine whilst listening to the melodious sound of Tchaikovsky or Chopin. Now I still get down with the get down and will BLAST my radio when “Keep Ya Head Up” comes on, but baby, classical music soothes me. Imagine my delight when I received an invitation to ProMusica’s newest venture to hit the city.*  It was time to suit up for The Naked Series.

The October 2016 edition featured composer Paul Rissmann who was charming as he was witty. We were treated to a rare expose of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. Rissmann acted as a tour guide of the symphony taking the audience on a journey that would stimulated multiple senses. The eyes with the visual appearance of the orchestra and projector that was used creatively to draw us further into the exploration of Beethoven’s creative mind. The ears as we enjoyed each deconstructed section, embracing the ingenuity and history behind certain melodies.  Last, our minds as we participated in a musical discovery unlike anything else. It was magnificent. Rissmann took a musical genre that some may label as “boring” or “stuffy” and made it lighthearted and downright delightful.

If you missed the first edition to the Naked Classics, don’t worry pets. ProMusica will be back in April 2017 with the next segment. You don’t want to miss this.


Until next time, listen to one of our amazing local artists. I’ll see you around the city soon.






*I received tickets to the event at no cost.