As a kid, snack time was pretty much the highlight of my day. My Grammy and I would often fill our days cold mack chillin’, watching The Price Is Right, enjoying some vanilla wafers and coffee. Well, she had coffee and I usually had a glass of Tang. Back then I had dreams of growing up and living a strong snack-filled life. You can imagine my elation when I discovered the good folks of EatPakd. This has absolutely been one of the coolest collaborations and I’m so glad to share the fun my friends and I had tasting some new items fresh out their test kitchen. Welcome to my EatPakd Charcuterie Party!



The lovely folks at EatPakd provided a plethora of goodies for my crew! Each snack pack comes with four different items ranging from chicken nuggets to pesto pasta!



EatPakd is focused on providing tasty treats for kids, but I gotta tell you there were several options that we really enjoyed! Our favorites were:

  • Turkey meatballs
  • Caulitots
  • Hummus and cucumbers
  • Dill dip with carrots
  • Energy balls
  • Yogurt pretzels
  • Pineapples
  • Apples and yogurt dip


One thing that I really appreciated about the EatPakd options is that the ingredients are REAL. I was very impressed by the creative way the dessert snacks like the brownies and muffins were created. EakPakd strives to provide parents a healthy alternative for their kids to receive common snack that they will enjoy. The packs are also perfect alternatives for busy adults who desire healthy, delicious, and easy to transport options themselves. I must confess there were a few items with a very unique taste. While it didn’t exactly fit my palate,  I’m glad we were able to have this experience!



EEEEKKK! I can’t forget the second best part of the night – the wine!!  I surprised everyone with wine markers so that they could draw on their glass!

Guys. We had such a blast! Wine, yummy snacks, and awesome friends. The perfect formula for a fun Saturday night in!

Interested in ordering a few EatPakd’s for your crew? Head to their website here and let them know Robin from CBUS Local Love sent you!


I’ll see you around the city soon. <3




*This is a sponsored post.