I woke up yesterday and while I had every reason to be excited, I was filled with disquieting thoughts. For 1,095 days I’ve thought about THIS and how it brings me a different type of happiness that I often can’t explain. We’ve been together for 26,280 hours and I can’t remember what I did before us. Together we’ve explored different sides of the city, met the coolest people, and have had the opportunity to be part of amazing collaborations. Yet, with all these good vibes and memories, I found myself grasping at the air trying to figure out why I’m not leaping for joy to declare that it’s been exactly 3 years since I started CBUS Local Love.

Then the truth slapped me hard in the face. Adulting did this to me.

My life is tragically busy to an overwhelming degree for all the reasons you never want it to be this way. Every week that I can’t carve out time to check out a new spot, I’m filled with disappointment. When I miss my favorite band’s concerts (yes you Forest) and events I’ve been dying to attend because responsibility decides to get in the way, I want to fight the world. I’ve moved my schedule around so much that Peter and Paul have figured my game out. This crazy schedule I’m forced to presently deal with is temporary, but baby, it’s killing my vibe!

With all that said, year 3 was incredible. I met the grooviest people, and was able to support so many local businesses. While I won’t able to complete my weekly anniversary giveaway in April this year, I have something grand in store with my favorite southern boy!

Every day isn’t full of rainbows, and those are the days you have to dance in the rain. With a glass of wine… ❤️

I’ll see you around the city soon.